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Customers like to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Company

Ed Burzycki has been designing audiovisual projects for more
than 20 years.
Ed Burzycki started out climbing telephone poles for the family CATV system. 
This interest in high places evolved into work in broadcast radio and television,
including WGN Chicago, KWGN Denver, KOA Denver, and KSPN Aspen, Colorado,
which was an initial installation.  He has a 1st Class  Fcc Commercial License.
Ed Burzycki's interest in lasers started out as a high school science project.  
This took a career turn when he played a commercial for Laserium on
the local radio station.   A friend went to work with Laserium first, and Ed
followed.   Ed continued with Laserium and Laser Creations UK, Ltd(now Lci)
for another 18 years.   The laser light show career has caused travel
halfway around the world, including Grand World Theme Park, Guangzhou,
China,  Expo '92, Sevilla, Spain, Rock Circus, London, and
"Starlight Express", Really Useful Theater Company, London, etc.
Laura Hernandez-Andrade was born in Arcos de la Frontera,  Andalucia, Spain.
This is a "Pueblo Blanco" of Southern Spain that has Moorish origins. 
Shopping for Laura was in Cadiz, a world class city that boasts outstanding
brandy, exceptional seafood, dancing horses, and the only Feria festival
that was permitted under the Franco regime.
After a typical and traditional upbringing which included becoming a
gourmet cook, she decided that video and audiovisual work was her
calling in 1989.  The training included English and video classes in old
Sevilla, which was her chosen and preferred residence as long as I
have known her.
Laura and I travelled together after meeting and working together at the 
Italian Pavilion of Expo '92.  She returned with me to London where she
took a position as a video operator at the Framestore post production
house.  She handled film to tape transfers for "Gulliver's Travels" amongst
others.  She also learned that the real work was handled by people with
Master's  degrees.
We travelled together to Los Angles in 1997.  I would take on industrial work,
Laura to develop her design interests.  Laura would go to school, first to
Santa Monica College.  She was completely gobsmacked the day the
acceptance to Ucla arrived. Laura had been to orientation at Ucla, but they
refused to tell her if she was accepted, as she was a transfer student. 
So she spent that day with many unanswered questions.   The day of
arrival, she heard the mailman arrive, asked if I would check the mail. 
I went to look, and told her she needed to do the checking.   She floated
across the room with the envelope to eyes, then to chest for a hug,
back to eyes, and more envelope hugs.   There rest has been history,
and a MFA from Ucla Design|Media Artsin 2005(with an
Arnold Schwarzenegger signature).

Drawing of computer; Size=240 pixels wide

Our Business Philosophy

The mantra of the audiovisual community is that "The show must go on" when the audience arrives.
Such training implies a clear understanding that what the customer sees is what counts.  
The policy at L.Aura Designs is that client satisfaction at an agreeable budget drives the
business.   L.Aura Designs offers extensive experience delivering to a live audience as
well as to the shipment door. 

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