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Special projects in Computer Vision, Lighting, Optics and Displays
for industrial users and the audiovisual community!
Versatile, multi-skilled engineering support
Reputation to make difficult projects simplified and to function
Often succeed where others move on
Happy to collaborate and give credit to others as appropriate.

L.Aura Designs
2755 Chadwick Circle 
Los Angeles, California
(323) 319-2894




Video Hardware/Software Engineer(R&D) - EDMOND BURZYCKI:
    A versatile, multi-skilled engineer with a reputation to make difficult projects simplified and to function.
    Often succeeds where others move on, happy to collaborate and give credit to others as appropriate.    
    Experienced with assigning signatures to an image for comparison to a large database(RELA Mediawatch).
    Analysis of images that are imperfect(Industrial Dynamics).
    Noise management in the analog video environment.
    Micro-positioning experience(Spectron, Laser Creations, Laser Images).
    Specializing in Machine Vision algorithm development, Audiovisual displays,
        their associated communication links, Computer Graphics, Motor control,
        the cusp between electronic hardware and software, including drivers.
    Computer software development in C,  C++, MS VC++, Linux, Assembly Language , etc(7+ yrs).
    State variable and micro‑instruction based digital design;
        discrete, Altera/Xilinx/Pal, Asic, 80x86, ARM, Atmel AVR, Microchip(5+ yrs).
     Medium and high speed analog design to and above 100 Mhz;
        discrete and opamp, including  noise  management(3+ yrs).
     Optical Path Development for high power fiber optics, lasers,
        fiber optic communications, and other optical systems(5+ yrs).
     Experienced in project planning and management.
     Full documentation support.



L.Aura Designs * (323)319-2894 * burzycki@aura-design.biz