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    Development of very high optical power display systems at
       Laser Creations Ltd, London, England.

    Practical experience in the transmission of high optical powers along a fiber optic cable.
    The continuous power densities were as high as one million watts/sq. cm2. The primary concerns
        included Damage Threshold, Remote Alignment,  and re‑collimation of the exit beam.

    A 40 foot diagonal High Definition (HDTV‑1250) Television picture
        was projected onto a screen at a demonstration in Paris on October 4, 1989.
    The support provided included the reduction of residual crosstalk, hum, noise, 
        and the improvement of the frequency response of the video/timebase corrector chain.
    Evaluations were made to establish the features and performance of the final design
        video processor.
    Design, installation and programming of a 120 degree laser video projection system for the
         Italian Pavilion, Expo '92,  Seville, Spain.
    Design and programming of a high precision turret/zoom system for the Laser Video Projector. 
        PID analysis and backlash control.       
        Easy, convenient user interface developed for audiovisual applications. 
           (80c196 Embedded Servo Controller,
            cross-compiled from Hi-Tech 'C' under IBM PC-AT(MS-DOS),
            80c196 Assembly Language.)
    Design and programming of a GUI style remote control interface for the Laser Video Projector.
        (IBM PC-AT(MS-DOS), Windows SDK 3.1)

    Other R&D assignments performed:
         Installation and programming of a multi‑station laser light show system for Rock Circus, London, England.
        Asst. Project Manager - LVP/Water Screen Installation, Guangzhou, P.R.China
        Senior technical support at Expo '92, Seville, Spain, and others. 
        Staff supervision, general preventive maintainance,
            emergency backup maintainance("The show must go on.").
        Series 9 Laser Graphics Controller - Provided software maintainance to modernize features. 
            General cleanup of loose ends after previous projects and various staff modifications. 
            (Cross-assembly under CP/M.)
        Servo Compensation ‑ PID/Overshoot, Servo Power Amplifier Design.  
        Laser Optical Path Analysis/Design ‑ including Fiber Optics for high power,
            laser scanning for high resolution,  repeatable precision pointing to 6”/200 ft.
        Preparation for production of complex optical systems.
        Establish documentation procedures, tolerancing.
        Staff supervision, support, and scheduling.

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