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Industrial Machine Vision/Container Inspection
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Industrial Dynamics Omni III Empty Bottle Inspector
FMS Fill Level Monitoring System

    Machine Vision - Algorithm development/optimization under
         Alacron/Trimedia platform(in production)
            (up to 8 Nexperia processors working together,
             1320 empty bottle inspections/min, 16 images/bottle,
             66 frames/sec max).  
        Shepherding of the Omnivision-III Empty Bottle Inspector w/ 4x pixels
           into Alacron 1702 technology w/ Nexperia 1700 graphics processor,
           Xilinx glue and video transport logic.
        Implement High Dynamic Range concepts to improve the way
           dark bottles are setup/inspected.
        Developed algorithm to extract manufacturing(peanut) codes from
           bottles in order to track defects back to bottle mold number
    Camera Integration – Evaluation, debug, test utilities, and
           demonstration of various cameras for machine vision applications
           (Kodak, CMOSIS, Panavision/Dynamax sensors,  Nexperia 1700 gpu,
           Camera Link interface).       
        Developed test routines for signal-to-noise ratio, and other
           performance criteria for both  the sensor and the Camera Link
           interconnect cable.
    Altera Merlin Embedded Processor – Revisions to a Merlin fpga compiled
           processor in VHDL.
    Gui Development under MS-Windows NT 4.0, VC++ 6.0, 140 menus,
        Empty Bottle Inspector user interface, member of a 6 person
        software team, my responsibilities primarily in the machine vision area.   
    Sustaining Software Engineering for Soft Drink/Beer
        Fill Level Monitoring System (C user engine/80186 Assembly
          inspection engine), up to 2200 bottles/minute inspection rate,
          220 menus, 6 user languages including English, X-Ray,
          Gamma Ray, RF, 20 or so additional inspections, data collection,
          MODBUS remote database capture. 
       Converted to Protected Mode x86 programming under Delorie IDE 
           to break through the 1 Megabyte real mode limitation.  A product
           that was getting pushed off to warehouse as too complicated or
           not working is  now very much in demand.
       Various demonstrations of new product features, including conversion of
          products to Linux, HTML network/web-based user interface, 
          harmonization of radically different product functions into a common

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