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Medical Machine Vision
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Live Cell microscopy

    Algorithm development to extract cell volume information from
       Phasics Interference images under MATLAB/Gpu
    Algorithm development to stitch together tiled microscope images
       under MATLAB
    General debug of GigE camera and capture performance issues

DNA microscopy using Atomic Force Microscope

    Machine vision enhancements to DNA skeleton extraction
       algorithms in openCV and MATLAB
       Filters to improve extraction robustness and accuracy
       Tiling to handle large images 5000 x 5000 pixels
       Manage raw image import into skeleton editor from the
           Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope environment
    Develop user friendly skeleton extraction and editor using the
       MATLAB GUI(Graphic User Interface)  library
    Develop speed optimized modules in C to run in MATLAB environment
    Develop remote COM automated interface for the
       Bruker Dimension Icon AFM microscope

DNA  alternate sequence extraction with AI estimation

    DNA sequence analysis development and testing from raw Illumina MiSeq
        intensities and images(gcc c++, python, MATLAB, bowtie, bwa)
    Re-packing of the Illumina clusters for processing under nVidia Cuda rules
    Transfer package to Amazon Web Services Linux cluster to expand the
        number of simultaneous processors,  more memory, 
        faster run performance, market based pricing

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